Outbound Calling Software

  1. Tap Retail Markets: Distributed outbound calling functionality is designed to support high volume retail sales and support multiple distribution channels even in the hinterland.
  2. Cross sell and Up-sell: Tentacle provides unified and vital customer knowledge for agents to maximize on every customer interaction to deliver world-class service and maximize sales opportunities.
  3. Empower the distribution channel: Tentacle support for multiple distribution channels, integrates field functions with call center functions to ensure all services and sales leads are tracked and fulfilled seamlessly.
  4. Knowledge, a weapon to compete: Tentacle's centralized design ensures availability of accurate information to maximize on opportunities.
  5. Agent Productivity: Agents productivity is critical to an organization to ensure higher return on investment. Tentacle offers tools for the agent to be on top of things, ensuring no activity goes unfulfilled.
  6. Higher Call Capacity: User interface design ensures higher call handling capacity and accuracy of information recorded.
  7. Increase Customer Retention: Retention ageing features provides a powerful mechanism to track each expiry and proactively follow up customers for renewals.
  8. Increased Revenue Opportunity: Telesales functionality integrated with service and retention functionality helps proactively target customer expanding up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and prioritization of your most valued customers.
  9. Stream Line operations and reduce costs: Tentacle is built using .NET and can be easily extended, integrated, customized to ensure seamless operations reducing cost of operations and maintenance drastically.

For more information contact: tentacle@netprotechnolgies.com

Tentacle:Telesales Software

Tentacle:Telesales Software

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