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Contact Management Solution

A contact management Solution is an integrated office solution that allows organizations and individuals to record relationships and interactions with customers and offer /provide services to them . This information includes all the relevant data that can be exchanged and which can be communicated and recorded in a sophisticated fashion. This type of solution is gaining more and more popularity as companies want to be able to control all this information from a single integrated application, instead of having different proprietary applications, each with their own data collection systems. Contact management System generally include opportunity management and often have other modules such as marketing, support & service etc. Tentacle is a comprehensive contact center software solution for diverse businesses. It provides significant benefits for organizations with processes which involve customer interaction; be it telemarketing, customer support and services, collection, market research, etc. Tentacle gives you superior customer service, quick deployment, increased work force productivity with an easy, uncomplicated, customizable and technologically advanced solution. Tentacle is a total communication suite for Contact center operations and allows businesses to deliver enhanced customer experience and contact management strategies and thereby maintain their competitive edge. It simplifies disparate and complex contact center environment, managing prospects, customers, workforce, departments and processes. By making customer interaction experience more satisfying and agents more productive, Tentacle delivers measurable business value. Tentacle is geared for inbound, outbound and blended contact center operations, capable of running diverse processes including telesales and marketing, customer support and services, market research, helpdesk, collections, etc. across industry verticals such as Telecom, Technology, BFSI, BPO, Travel & Hospitality and Logistics. Tentacle has been built using latest technologies and standards, conforming to modern software practices. This ensures not only reliability, scalability and performance but also quick customizability. Tentacle is modeled to support central or distributed call center operations, flexible delivery mechanisms including ‘hosted’ or ‘on-premises’ and adaptable size operations; from small to hundreds of users. Conceptualized and designed with the intent to provide simple, easy to use layouts & process flows and integration & customizability with it’s open architectural approach, it fit’s and enhances your operations, encourages integration with other business systems and consequently lowers the total cost of ownership and brings about operational efficiencies. Unlike other conventional contact center solutions with large footprint and all encompassing approach, Tentacle’s powerful value proposition is an uncomplicated, flexible solution with quick deployment and proven return on investment.

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